Forbidden Utopia

"It always gets hotter before it gets cooler."
"You never want it to end, but somehow the heat slips away."

Something are better left unshared. Sometimes you get turn off immediately,and then they tell you you are to blame for that or, grow up to cope with it.

I never believe in true love, or more precisely, never know what it really is.

Different people interpret differently, and hang on to that , for some time, an then they change and cling to another.
I don't have one , never did, perhaps never will.

Same with friendship.

What are we but animals equipped with feelings and thought, and tool-making skills?

Been told bitterness,anger,tears,laughters are all parts of love.
Used to hold that as truth, maybe still do.
But tired of fear for loss and doubt of ingenuity.
What can things just be perfect naturally.
Save all of us the trouble.

No need of any unnecessity.
A dream everone even include yourself advises not to dream for real.

I"ll wake up, sooner or later,
in frustration, to dispair.


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